War on Melchior

Solo, so far

Well, so far the story is simply a solo. Himo, a half-elf from the city of Sandpoint, is just trying to defend the city from pirates and a new, mostly unknown danger while his father and the rest of the experienced militia are off fighting a war.

The campaign is mostly talking with a few battles for flavor. Right now Himo is dealing with a few mysteries, some sinister in nature and some…more puzzling. He has the most senior rank in the militia that have been left behind and that comes with a lot of responsiblity. His mother is the city wizard/potion brewer (and other items on the side when she can) and his father is a high-ranking member of the militia. The next ranking member of the militia from Himo is a female named Gemma. She and her family are mysterious as they don’t gravitate to melee arms like everyone else. She is by far the best with a bow of her generation. Himo’s father doesn’t trust Gemma’s even though Gemma’s father saved his life once. To top it all off, a mysterious aquatic creature has kidnapped some of the younger militia. The only clue left behind was a hole in the dock that was created by an acid of some sort.

If you are looking to get into this campaign, it is ROLE-based more than ROLL. Your background makes a difference and affiliations are in use. The world is heavily affiliation based in that they determine the overarching events, at least until the party gets to epic levels when they can influence their affiliations.

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